Addressing disparities by investing in quality education and enrichment programs to improve outcomes for underserved and at-risk minority youth.

Bridge Builders Foundation (BBF) seeks to remove the barriers of race, poverty, and despair through mentoring, educational support, healthcare awareness, and community uplift. Young men of color are twice as likely to grow up in poverty as non-Hispanic white males and more likely to live in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty. BBF’s Thriving Under the Influence mentoring program works to alleviate disparities and provide access to quality education throughout Los Angeles County.

“We start by getting to know the kids,” said James Breedlove, President of BBF. “Some of our mentoring sessions will be on leadership, on police encounters, on cultural sensitivity.”

The Bank’s grant of $100,000 enabled BBF to expand its Thriving Under the Influence mentoring program. “We’re so appreciative of what the Bank provided,” said Breedlove. “That really made the difference for us to be able to provide additional support for these kids during the pandemic.”

Due to limited photo options during the majority of 2020, some images used were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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