Supporting education and reading fundamentals for youth struggling in virtual learning environments.

Success in Challenges (SIC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to plan, develop, and implement interactive programs for low-income youth and their families. SIC’s programs promote good citizenship, character development, creativity, and discipline, designed to inspire children to face life’s challenges with enthusiasm and dignity.

“Children were having trouble learning to read in an online model,” said Paula E. Wood, Success in Challenges’ Executive Director, when asked about learning challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. SIC’s Intervention Reading Program targets first- and second-graders who are performing substantially below grade level. “The idea is to catch them young so that they don’t get too far behind.”

A $3,000 grant from Pacific Premier supports SIC’s Matching Grant Campaign to benefit their Intervention Reading Program. The Bank has also pledged $15,000 for SIC’s Freedom School. This six-week summer program targets inner-city youth and low- and moderate-income families. It’s designed to enhance interest in reading and connect families to local resources.

Due to limited photo options during the majority of 2020, some images used were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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